Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer


me2Creating has always been a big part of who I am; as a child, you would find me drawing and creating/inventing new things and games all the time. I’ve always been very much attracted to everything new in general and occasions to learn new stuff. Creating artworks, though it always had been a part of what I do and what calms me down, was not something I originally pursued so much; I was more focused on the artistic way of seeing things and thinking, learning as much as I could and watching the world very closely and in all it’s angles! However, in 1995, at the age of 14, I was introduced to Acrylic paint and canvases by the way of gifts from family members. However, I was quick to experiment on other supports and with other mediums; and so for many years I’ve mixed watercolors (solid, pencils, in tubes), Acrylics, pencils of many kinds, inks and more. I’ve worked on wood, Masonite, illustration boards, watercolor/ illustration papers and canvases. I now mainly work on illustration/watercolor papers, predominantly with mixed watercolor, inks and some acrylic paint in my more personal works.

The need to create has brought me to other avenues; some wood burning art, some sculpture, writing, Graphic design and…Tattooing! Since 2004 and it is an art form I study and appreciate since 1998 and for which I have equipped myself for over time, down to medical sterilizer and professional machines. However, Graphic design is something I’ve discovered lately; I graduated from Design school in 2010, as an Infographic Concepter or Graphic Designer. I’ve been exercising this commercially directed art form as a freelance since August 2010, offering a wide range of products such as: websites, business prints, commercial prints, commercial illustrations, flash animations and websites, photo retouching etc. But at last, it has proved to be impossible to make a living at it; mainly because it is a saturated work field here in Montreal and the private school that left me with a hefty price tag for this course has not done anything to sincerely help me to integrate this market. So I have focused more on making my products and opportunities myself using theses new found notions, and at least I can say that the knowledge acquired at the school, which is not what I have a problem with, has added a great number of new possibilities to my creating and indeed how I create.

I create because it helps me get out of my head and create a calm therein, to reach a state of relaxation and introspective intuition, almost meditative: to the benefits of my works, I believe and hope. At least it is for me, beneficial I mean, and I can say that each piece will have helped in keeping faith and go through the tests of life. In this way, as well as by conscious choices, I create to communicate: an idea, an emotion, a principle, an injustice, a desire, a dream, an instant that marked me… Communicate with people and hopefully to future generations; as well, I create to communicate to myself.

I really love working colors thoroughly, I use them sometimes to create emotion, sometimes to carry a message, sometimes both and much more… However, I also take contrasts, perspectives and movement to heart: the work must have movement, attract the eye and direct them though the points of interests and back. I put towards them, as well as all my other artistic considerations, a lot of time and work and efforts.



Some artworks can be purchased online on ETSY

You may not be interested by my art or products, in the market right now for anything I am offering , or not in the particular group of collectors for my art etc. but may want to help me along and encourage me with a donation and in that case I have set the proper PayPal link to accept donations.

It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that your donations are extremely appreciated and will be put towards a maximum use in my projects and life, down to every penny: your help represent a lot more than you may think initially when you’re making your transfer from your PayPal account, but it is help I get nowhere else, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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