Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer

Unusual project!


This is an unusual project for me as it is a 3d support: a plaster cast of a guy’s head that I have hand painted and finished earlier in the month of December.

I say : it is a plaster cast of a guy, not that “I” have made the cast, I don’t take credit for that part of the work. Although the original casting artist must have not been too pleased with the result him/herself, as I have found it abandoned laying at the foot of a church’s door close to where I live. I stayed there for a long time thinking that the owner was around and would come back for it, but it did not happen. Since I had started noticing passers by looking at the head with interest just as I did: I decided to jump on it and bring it home! A first name of my victim, or the artist’s first name was written “Alain” on the original wooden base I found it on.

Then it laid on my kitchen floor for a while, many months actually, until I decided to start the work, having decided finally how I was going to paint it. For perhaps the same reasons that led the original casting artist to give up the cast, it was perfect for what I had in mind: being broken down at the ears and nose, the throat being slashed and any and all other imperfections made just the best lines to accommodate all the punishment and wounds I was to paint on them. A great Zombie head is what results, and it took overall about 20 some hours to complete, including the metal stand I made from kitchen metal ware. I’m a big fan of horror and horror art, studio make-up etc. So I really enjoyed having a glimpse at the type of project one may do in the horror film industry…

I like horror, but I know a guy who likes horror even more than I do, including the love for this type of items; my goal the whole time was to have the experience for what it meant for me as an artist, but I made it to give as a Christmas gift for that guy who likes horror as well, so it’s not available for sale! lol Overall, I’m really pleased with the result and it is motivating me to sculpted creations, perhaps out of clay or whatever, and paint them, horror themed or not: what I mean to say is that it has drawn me to wanting to sculpt other items and repeat this experience.


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