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Coming back to life…

Hello to anyone reading this, I’ve used this web site more for portfolio/representation and have not really used it to blog, share and talk about things; a bit silly since blogging is the name of the game on WordPress, arguably, but it does offer so many great options for use as a standalone website platform and it is one of the many things that are so awesome on WordPress.

That being said, I’ve had a lot to blog about theses past years and should have been more present online for many reasons, at the very least to develop my brand better, but also because I’ve had so much to write about my hardships and shortcomings of the past years and thus perhaps help me move on and get back to life, share my experiences and help someone else along maybe, or even just to get it out of my system. The more I think about it in the end, I keep coming back to the idea that I might have to write retroactively in the next weeks for theses reasons, as well as explain a bit to friends and fans, why I’ve been MIA and a ghost for such a long while.

Though I’ll start that in the next posts… Why do today what can be done tomorrow!

So I’m still alive, would’ya belive it, and I have in fact been working very hard despite my state and a lot of the work I’ve been doing is on my Zazzle shop, and a little on ETSY as well. However, even if I have 1900 and something products already created on Zazzle, I still have an immense workload in front of me as I have only added some artworks that I have developed for specific projects and have not yet added my original artworks on Zazzle products; only the first phase of a tourist line developed for Tourists coming to Montreal, as well as a more voluminous project of artistic textures and vector art that I have developed for sale in local arts/crafts type of stores. Theses two projects alone, applied to only 8 products and setting up the shop; have taken me a lot of hours to produce, not to mention the actual Zazzle store that still needs a lot of tweaking.

When you then think that I want to apply them to dozens and dozens of other products (and I will. Quickly too because I can’t rest until I achieve my goals, I’m just that type of person) and that I still need to put my original artworks on all of theses as well on top of those existing ones, which implies redoing some photography as some artworks are very difficult to photograph because of inks, acrylics, not to mention the glossy or semi-glossy protective varnish I put on them: I still have a lot of work in front of me. I’ve only just created a “shop” page on my website as well, wrote a few lines and added a few links to it, but I’m currently taking some pictures of my Zazzle products to make some montages to add to this page to give an idea of the looks of things as it were. That’s actually great though, I’ve been stuck at home with fibromyalgia, learning to live with it and thinking about how I’m going to have to organize my life and my ways, how I will find work or provide for myself now and keep on developing myself as an artist… like I said I have had a lot to blog about… Anyway, the possibility to work when I can and stop when I can’t, and I would argue the simple fact that Zazzle has kept me looking further along in time and occupied; has helped me along greatly theses past months.

I don’t know what kind of success I might end-up having on Zazzle as I am still a bit in the embryonic stages, to my appreciation at least, but I feel like it has definitely been a part of what helped me along! Something about creating my own job, completely free to create, is something I have been looking for, for many years.

Maybe it took a lot of depression and hardships, not to mention getting quite sick to find the way (not just talking about Zazzle, but I mean more broadly finding my way), and not to sound cliche, but if that’s what it took: fine! And I’d do it again just the same, I’m still alive after all, aren’t I! And I’m coming out of the mist now…

If you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link Thank you so much for any help you may bring, it will go a long way!!! 😉