Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer

Alien breakfast – 2010 – about

Alien breakfast

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

alienbreakfast_framed close_up3 close_up2 close_up1

The inspiration for this work:

Food comes from something alive, even if you are vegan or vegetarian, you are eating something alive. We even have more and more studies on the feelings, awareness and keen intelligence of plant life; so what eat all meat? Eat only plant life? Eat synthetically made food and leave nature alone? Or just don’t eat at all? I don’t know, I still eat meat and I love it, I want to hunt and I want a farm and livestock, but I have absolutely no judgement towards people that eat only plant life, only fish and chicken or even insects (I actually think it’s a good idea to bring insects more into our meals). I have trouble really coming to a clear answer, as to if I feel it is okay or not to eat animal life, I don’t expect I really ever will, seeing as I do looove meat!

There is something to say in whatever case about never spoiling or throwing away any part of  a slaughtered animal, as well as generally reducing the amount or frequency of consuming animals, or animal based foods. Just to make space on your plate for the world of amazing flavors, textures and wholesomeness that comes from plant life based foods that are more diverse than taters, corn and wheat…

Still, I come back to the reality that whatever you decide to put on your plate, it will have been alive and perhaps a feeling and intelligent life form, so: remember that here on earth as perhaps elsewhere in other alien worlds, life is often food for more life, and that whatever is on your plate give you more time, prolonging your life and more, be thankful for whatever is on your plate and don’t waste it and be thankful you are not the eaten life but the one on top of the food chain, prone the good treatment and life of your food before it becomes so, let it enjoy it’s own life…

Special details:

My head is always spend thinking, it seems, of space and alien worlds, and it’s funny how even when you just imagine, philosophize and make up things in your mind for a moment, just to change your perspective and without having any sort of proof of what you intuitively or abstractedly think about a subject: that not only do you broaden your mind in many ways and come up with great things, knowledge and experience; but also get some answers, or get leads to them, to the impossible questions, to things that were pressing on your mind or wanted to come to a conclusion with, to liberate your mind.

This was a fun work to produce, long as it was like every work I produce, but rewarding just the same, as well because it was also one of theses occasions where I was very much in my head coming up with answers to many questions of that period and time.

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork. Watercolors in tubes, in solid form and pencil form, as well as Inks and Acrylic paint were used.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects. 19 x 24 inches

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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