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El Toro Matador – 2010 – about

El Toro Matador

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

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The inspiration for this work:

There is something about “La Corrida” that is undeniably interesting to me still.

Oh I know, now, I’m a barbaric person and it’s animal cruelty, and so on and so forth. And  yes I am barbaric, and so are you.

I agree that it is animal cruelty so very often and that in many cases it results in trauma or even violent death of the animal. I don’t agree with that completely and I think there are ways of keeping this tradition alive without hurting the animal, or at least beyond what it might experience fighting another bull. That being said, it is a very old tradition, meaningful enough to stay alive in this day and age, one that many people from all over look forward to see still and that is a big part of many cultures today, in some form or another, not the least of the interested in preserving this tradition, I imagine, would be the Spanish whom could as well profit in keeping a strong fighting image, of man over adversity and nature to some degree, in theses hard economically trialling times (need I remind you of the Wall street Bull, it might bring back money 😉 ); and I can’t help but remember that throughout history, ancient and newer civilizations alike have often times theatrically (or not) battled with the Bull to the death.

I believe there is something deeply sacred in what that spectacle truly represents to us, and, to imagine the young Emperor, King or Pharaoh of ancient times, about to fight a Bull to prove his strength and hard will, to prove himself for leadership of his kingdom: it must have been quite a rush and experience for him and the onlookers. The same, it must be quite a rush and experience to be the Matador today, and I know from my perspective that it looks rather like something I would like to try and do enjoy watching at least to some degree.

I forebode that there might be little place for the Corridas and Matadors in the world of tomorrow,

– Oh but the bulls will be quite okay and saved, as we still need them to provide the seeds for the foods of tomorrow, leather and some meat etc. SOooo… wink-wink –

But the livelihood of the Matadors, of it’s micro-culture and of those around the industry have already been almost but all taken away. Perhaps to make a comeback in 50 years or more… I do fear that by the time I get to visit Spain there won’t be any left, so I’ll go sit down by the sea and eat Tapas instead, hoping to see a Bull run, oh wait that’s probably gonna be a thing of the past as well…

It is my feeling that we all too often cast in the past so many good things and habits, values and traditions that worked really great before, tried-tested-true, in the name of modernism and technology; but in these very modern times, we seem again to keep with us what often seems like the worst of what humanity and history provided, almost as if there is a force trying to keep the best of the past out of our memory, just as it is keeping the future too far ahead to be seemingly reachable today…

To me, technology is not science, and habits/trends are not culture, not necessarily and implicitly, and it is certainly not a sign of being advanced, of something that is better or a better way of doing something or thinking; current technology and cultures to me are a bunch of things that are soon to be forgotten in profit of the very few truly good technological things and advances and manner of thinking, that we accept over time, time and time again, that are good for us enough to keep for the long run in our human experience, same as it has always been. We still do some things according to many ancient ways or thinking and knowledge/technology today; but who can sell me on dressing up like a man did 3000 years before our current era, or prepare food the same means as they did in Victorian times or walk into Downtown Toronto on horse and carriage!

But we do have to remember even that, remember where and how we were and what we did and how we did; not just in our museums and archives, but in our daily collective and future considerations, plans or technology. Traveling on horseback is ultimately a green way of moving about, and wouldn’t you know it, we now talk about converting to green locomotion, in occurrence green cars, green and sustainable this or that, coming back to almost forgotten farming cultures and methods…

A lot of people are also “going back to the land” or seeking a simpler life and with the lack of services and electricity connections or installations (or lack of want for them): wouldn’t you know it, end up cooking similarly as they did before we all had electricity, in a broad sense “alike Victorian times” (to link back to my earlier example), before connecting every houses of the developed world to a grid that ultimately enslaved our wallet to yet another thing to pay (that’s my view and I come from a place where electricity is real cheap in comparison to most of the world…)

Special details:

The way the first lines of this artwork came out of a few instinctive gestures, that I recognized and honored, then developed into new ways of working, processes and techniques, that I have regularly used and improved upon since: lead me to feel that this work was yet another turning point for my art, an “Eureka” moment, technically and in some meaningful artistic way as well.

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork. Watercolors in tubes and inks were used.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects.

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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