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A fair fight – 2012 – about

A fair fight

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link



The inspiration for this work:

I was watching a martial arts movie on television and the hero of the piece (as it so often goes) was something of an underdog that took on quite a beating before rising up to the challenge, of course, and win the day despite his shortcomings and his “David-esque” quality to his Goliath, his foe…

We do so appreciate the underdog’s disadvantage in a fight,  don’t we! It makes the whole story so much more interesting when the hero seems so disadvantaged in relation to their foes as to make victory seem impossible, even though we know he’s not likely to fail being the hero. Stories where the hero is tough as nails, never fails and strikes down everyone without faltering don’t make for such riveting tale, there needs to be challenges on at least some basis. The same, when the story is about two opponents about the same strength, not so susceptible to receive or inflict so much damage to the other, will make for a long, dull and not necessarily fun story. However, when the underdog wins the day, it usually brings the crowds, don-nit!?!

I think it just acts as some form of moral booster that reaffirms to most of us that indeed we can succeed over seemingly impossible problems and our own personal “Goliath”. I do believe this message is a good one myself and I do believe that every time we feel like underdogs, it is just that “a feeling” and that we all have our chance, that we can succeed at everything we set our minds to etc.; though I do like it when the hero fails and the villain wins, but hey what can I say… well, I got nothing, I’m just nasty that way o_O ! lol

Of course, I wanted to represent this little flash I had in a light and comical way: to make it look like a children’s storybook illustration would serve not only its comical rendering, but as well that it is a lesson we hear so often from our early years all the way through during adulthood, funny. We need to see and hear over and over again that its possible to surmount seemingly impossible odds, to succeed at what we thought we could never do.

Special details:

I like mixing techniques, just like I mix mediums, within an illustration as well as from one illustration to the next and this illustration reminds me of that. I feel everything has it strength and value and why not explore what the masters came up with before us and mash it up to use for own purposes and invention. Although, I find it does mean that it makes my art slightly less recognizable to the neophyte’s eye, some gallery owners or to some collectors that want a more homogenous corpus of work. But I rather enjoy employing many techniques to either further carry the specific message(s) or intent(s), or because they suit the composition better or even simply because I just see it that way in my mind’s eye etc.

I care not if my artworks are not easily recognizable as being from the same artist, from one work to the next, furthering my “brandability” to some collectors, though arguably I probably should and perhaps one day will – and –  “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” said with Seinfeld’s voice “Don’t want to offend anybody here, now!” 😉 Respect to any artist, whatever your style or development route is: to each his/her own, I say, I just wish my way would be easier to market sometimes…

But I am just a passionate of the different, the un-routine, changing the look and feel, reinventing the wheel, mashing things up, exploring and innovating to perhaps advance a little more every time on a personal artistic basis, or try new challenges: and sometimes just flat out show what I can do technically as well – I am an Artist you know, with an Artist’s ego, whom as such, does like to show off his skilz! he he he

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork.  Watercolors in tubes, in tablets and pencil form, as well as Inks were used in the making of this artwork.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects. 19 x 24 inches

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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