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A Viking’s night – 2012 – about

A Viking’s night

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

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The inspiration for this work:

Well quite simply, it comes from a moment in a dream where I had the overwhelming feeling of being a Viking (though am I convinced it was Viking? Certainly could be from another culture from all I know) about to land with my ship on the shores of some unfortunate people’s village, the obvious planned targets of our pillaging, and I remember so vividly even now writing theses lines: that I felt so genuinely happy (yes happy, euphorically so even) that I was about to go murder, torch and plunder all night!

I remember we were carried by the sea with such force that it was almost as if it wanted us as well to arrive as quickly as we could to join our brethren warriors in the horrible deeds of the night, and that the winds were in our favor as well, additionally bringing to us the burning odors from the parts of the village already attacked, as if to offer us at least something to appreciate even from the distance left.

Now I’m no angel, and arguably if I were I’d still have black wings or something, but I was slightly shocked at how fundamentally happy, alive and fulfilled I felt in the wake of doing all theses horrible things: I felt like a million bucks and so, so alive!

It truly felt like I was re-living some “past life moment” sorta thing and perhaps I was, and I wasn’t so disturbed about having such a violent dream, as it actually left such a great and vibrant impression on me, but I will also gladly admit that I was very much OK in waking up and leaving it all behind me in that dream… I’m certainly very far from what Viking’s were in their worst of nights, and, if by some strange phenomena it was indeed a remnant of some past life memory, then I am quite happy it is just that, past.

I decided to make a painting out of it, however, because I feel that our innermost darkness can’t just be pushed out in the corners of our mind or memory, just because it doesn’t show us our best sides or because we find it troubling, even if the things you felt and did weren’t so great, there in lies something to be understood. I feel that what ends happening when we ignore it is that it has to shout so loud for us to hear it and appreciate it’s meaning: that it ends up overtaking us and coming out in the worst of ways.

I feel that looking at the depths of our “worst”, without judging our selves for it and understanding that it’s another part of life and that what you do with it is perhaps the name of the game.

Special details:

After saying all of that, I feel I don’t have to say I had a lot of fun producing this piece and was able to carry through the work for hours on end with a lot of focus and interest even though it did take a lot of time to finish indeed, but I felt conflicted the whole time as well (and still do) in regards to my feelings towards the subject, i.e. that I would never do such things, but felt so great in that dream doing them!

It’s odd how being an artist is often time a conflictual thing in the end for so many things and in so many ways, it seems for just about all of us. We need to see, hear and feel life, experience the worst of pains, sadness and other dark parts of life: can one be an artist without it all, at least felt at some point, in some measure in their life, and to portray it adequately in their art?

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork.  Watercolors in tubes, in tablets and pencil form, as well as Inks and Acrylic paint were used in the making of this artwork.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects. 19 x 24 inches

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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