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The Cool guy – 2013 – about

The Cool guy

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

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The inspiration for this work:

It comes initially from this sense or feeling I get whenever I start to dance, as if connecting with all dancers of the past in a momentary dance-meditation, an “at one with myself and with the music” kind of moment. To put it differently: whenever I get on the dance floor, I feel like the cool guy!

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, notably that I could just be one of those people who think they dance OK, but really, only look like they’re having a seizure while being possessed simultaneously, and, that for these people suffering of such delusions, the syndrome is often proportionally aggravated by the fact that they are profoundly convinced of being awesome at it ; but in my case, it does seem like I dance rather well, truly. I feel safe in stating this, from having gotten only great comments from just about anyone I have danced with, and, I  do have a great sense of beats, a good musical ear and do move in great synchronicity with space and everything it contains, whenever I need to and (more importantly) whenever I feel like it.

Again though, I am no pro-dancer and I don’t have particular moves or routines (so don’t be throwing me some dance battles from now on, ’cause that’s lame, truly ), but I think my dancing is appreciable mostly because I try to connect with the music on an emotional level, with intuitive and physical intelligence: the body will express itself the best if the mind relinquishes control, easier said than done will readily argue Golfers, I know… In essence anyway, it is not your brain you’re switching off, rather it is the part of you that negates, that says no to things, that evaluates too long and prevents you from switching to action, that and many other things. It is about turning off the brain chatter that goes around and around in your head on a daily basis, not so that it stops coming forth during dancing, but so that when it comes again your conscious mind is turned off in profit of your physical intelligence, letting your unconscious and abstract mind free to stop ideas and notions in place, see it clearly and with remoteness from the issue, situation, problem etc. and with a better set of skills.

I feel meditation, the way we commonly tends to think about it that is, is but one method to connect to higher knowledge and awareness. Dancing, I feel, is one of the other great ways for us to connect to better and higher than ourselves. I don’t think dancing is a great exercise for instance, solely because of the way it burns calories in a given time frame, but because people doing it are uplifted by more than just the action itself, on a deeper level and with deeper gains than just esthetic ones.

Like running to use another example, gets you in the same meditative zone, I feel on some intuitive level, because when you are running, everything is about getting forward, being in action, getting over hurdles and walls: your mind can only end up thinking very positively performing such actions.

Funny but talking about meditative rituals and activities, and you might think this is a bit strange; but I get the same type of conscious brain deactivation/meditative state from washing dishes by hand and whenever I step foot in the shower or draw a bath, fix my car, wash clothes, clean and dust; and though I feel perhaps it might not yield the same results with everyone, I have worked through major issues and problems simply fixing, creating, cleaning, washing dishes and… Myself I guess!

And you may argue that I’m the one trancing and meditating in uncommon times, or with more ease, but I can affirm to you that at the very least and for many people, dancing will for sure provide the correct state for conscious brain disconnecting, but that once you start connecting to a higher state of mind, it tends to be ever more easier to get back into it. And for those whom are not of the dancing types, I encourage you to find any and all of the activities that favors the disconnecting of your conscious mind, already way too solicited in this modern age and not necessarily the best part or our brains generally to solve complex problems and situations.

Answers will seem to come to you out of nowhere, as when meditating in the traditional way, but in fact it is because the unconscious and abstract mind is far greater than any smarts you think you can muster up on command.

Special details:

I imagined I was dancing most of time when I was working on this piece, both because I wanted this energy of the “Cool guy” I feel personally whenever dancing, to shine through in the piece, but as well to create the feeling of being in a club, music playing with colors through the “disco lights” floor and interacting with the “Cool guy” at the same time as well, symbolizing this synchronicity and oneness I feel is reached through this age old ritual.

The smoking, is to symbolize that we are communicating with higher than our physical selves, sending and receiving from our higher selves as many culture believe we do by that action in rituals, and as well pragmatically, because smoking has been associated with a certain coolness factor throughout North American culture, at least longer than it has been associated with its arguably true-er quality of being rather nasty for your health, and I certainly don’t want to promote smoking, though if I really want to be transparent, I also have to admit that I do smoke myself…

I wanted the composition to be the veritable mosaic of colors it had to be, but I thought my composition could provoke more of a visual sound than anything else if done incorrectly! I started by dividing the cold colors I would need for the darker corners and the back, from the warmer ones where the action is. I toned the intensity of my colors down by using the pencil watercolors mainly in a dry-er fashion wetting little, finishing with only a little bit of the tube watercolor pigments, to produce more light and reducing the need for using to much or opaque colors which might have made the piece much too heavy or take away from anything else in it.

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork.  Watercolors in tubes, in tablets and pencil form, as well as Inks and Acrylic paint were used in the making of this artwork.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects. 19 x 24 inches

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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