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I love to fish – 2013 – about

I love to fish

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

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The inspiration for this work:

Some of my earliest memories and great childhood moments have been in nature and fishing and I do still love to fish, even if I haven’t done so in years. All excuses are good of course and arguably living in a big city without a car is a great one, but I’ve had lots of moments when I could have gone fishing, but tended to the more useless things of life instead…

I don’t think I won’t ever go again though, it has been gnawing at me so lately and in fact it is my most prized plan to have some land as soon as I can put aside enough money and purchase a few acres, and, fishing will have to be something I can do every time I want to, so as to compensate somewhat for all the times I did not have the chance or motivation to go. Whether on a river or a lake,  nearby or preferably on the land, or even on an artificial pond if I have to build one myself! Of course I also want to get into farming, homesteading and other self sustaining activities that brings us back to life, the moment, take away the financial strains and pressures of modern life, minimalistic living away from consumerism, back to nature and what life is all about etc. To many artists anyway, myself included, and I do think that this newer trend of everyone getting back to nature and self-sufficiency will undoubtedly produce a lot of mixed results as I don’t think it is a way of life for everyone today, although everyone probably can get the hang of it, I think: though again it has always been my plan for as long as I can remember to have land and a small farm.

Although, maybe when I say my “plan”, “plan” might be less the word I should use and “dream” would be more appropriate? Although, In any case, I can safely say that I dream still that I can plan someday to have some land to live, homestead and fish on, someday… and before I’m too old and broken to do anything with it as well, hopefully! You might think I’m being dramatic since I am only 33 and do have lots of time; but with fibromyalgia alone, notwithstanding living below the poverty line for years as of late and not able to work to make my life any better: I feel a bit broken physically most days already, and, the sheer amount of work I still have to do on my brand, my art, producing more art, and, I spare you everything else, like the money needed just to represent myself, framing, space rental, fees of all types… I feel it’s more of a far away dream than an actual plan on most days. I’m just an outsider artist really, you may look at the price of my art and think “why it is so hard?” and the answer is you must get the chance and minimal funding just to get to the market and sell it. Additionally,  I haven’t (and still don’t so much) got a “generous” production, for obvious reasons.

My pricing is based on the price of the artworks from my first sales + 10% for every additional year, and I have been doing this for 18 years so by that very conservative rule you get theses prices. I also adjusted the prices along the way in ratio with the size of the work produced. I’ve been told my artworks is worth much more than this and perhaps I should be much more ahead professionally by the point I’m at; still I’m not, and just to get to the market and consequently buyers, just reaching them, is still an obstacle for me at this point. So raising the prices makes me feel I might narrow my chances of selling works, but reducing the prices just to sell some art makes me feel I’m undervaluing my work and everything that went into it, including theses 18 years, and my work is fine art after all and of a yet small production on top of it! The internet can serve as a great permanent storefront, I will get all of the sale, instead of a much smaller potion you are left when galleries broke the sale, and it is a permanent representation, like an agent but for little cost; but its not magic and it has its limits, even money is a limit on the Net nowadays.

However, I remains faithful my life as an artist could change at any point, whether by chance or by my hand and multiple attempts at succeeding. I do always try new things and ways to possibly succeed, I never give up, because the equation is simple:

do nothing and give up = 0 chances

try something, anything = unknown chances

You might think, there’s little difference between 0 chances and unknown chances, but the difference is vast and the latter will always result in some chances, even if precisely unknown some times, and better than no chances. So I remain faithful I will have my land one day, like everything else I plan my life towards, don’t know how though, but I’ll finally be able to do things like fishing as mush as I want, which brings us back to the present artwork that, you guessed it, is also not only about fishing.

The pictures may not show all the details, but on the upper right level of the work, far away are the factories spewing the resulting smoke from their activities; some machinery, on the mid level and still on the right, is doing it’s day of cutting trees, leaving stomps and grass fields; which fields are already serving as dumping grounds for trash, on the same level at the left, next to the water fall; and that water fall ends up into a river bed that hides a channel, next to the rocks and sand banks on the right upper part of the river, doing some dumping of brownish-black waste waters and chemicals; and the “salmon” inspired fish (symbolic mecca of the fisherman) that I’ve caught looks sad, mutant and looks perhaps even sick from the river, which ends into the white abyss that I’ve left on top and at the bottom of the artwork.

My concern, is that by the time I, somehow, assemble what I need to live this way on what would be my own land: what is going to be left for me to buy and what state will it be in? And what kinds of contamination will I have to deal with? Will industries one day menace my little piece of paradise? Will I be able to consume what I produce on my land without concerns? etc.

In the end, theses considerations are perhaps a little less of a true menace for my little “dream”; than perhaps the real question mark it represents for my potential future children and theirs, but undoubtedly for all young Humans of today and tomorrow to a more realist extent.

Canada is still not so bad off though, partly for obvious reasons such as the fact that we’re still a young country, we don’t have so many people and lots of wild or available lands are somewhat affordable and clean today, the resources of our county per capita remain good omens for the future economic development and we have a lot of options for energy production etc. Though years of inaction and underfunding, corrupt or just blind political and business management, ineffective controls and regulations in relation to industries and their waste: are in turn leading us to find a lot more problems than we anticipated just a couple years ago or even plainly saw coming. Although, that’s been the story all over the globe not just here in Quebec or Canada, where indeed it is better, so much better, than so many other places in the world: still though, what will be left in the future or in what state?

Special details:

I left blank parts on top and at the bottom of the piece, I referred to as white abyss before, to symbolize that all is not played yet and that we have the possibility to change the picture that is unpainted; only my fly fishing rod (intentions) pierces through the uncertainty for now, as I have no intention of letting activities such as fishing be a “thing of the past” when I get old: I will remain connected to activities and values I consider important and I plan to die an old man on my land…

There is some human-like qualities to my fish too and that is not such a subtle symbolism is it? We are part of, connected to and dependent on that nature, like that fish, and a line still connects us to the future that is unpainted as it does the fish in the artwork and we’re hooked whether we like it or not…

Arguably, I could have added a lot more things to represent our toxic, wasteful ways, and all the evil we inflict on nature; but I wanted this piece to look from afar, or at first glance, like a simple whimsy light piece: just a pretty fishing scene. Until, that is, one gets closer to look and conclude of it’s true-er intent and message.

The mediums used:

This is a mixed-media artwork.  Watercolors in tubes, in tablets and pencil form, as well as Inks and Acrylic paint were used in the making of this artwork.

Supports and other specifications:

Illustration, fine grain, cold-pressed, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. Finished with special water based, paper artworks, preserving finish and water based aerosol varnish for paper based projects. 19 x 24 inches

Can be purchased online right now, on ETSY using this Link

If instead you wish to donate to encourage me to continue and create more and in better conditions, using PayPal, I’ve set-up this link


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