Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer


I’ve always drawn, I can’t remember an age at which I was not coloring or drawing! I have not always liked my abilities to do so, however; I remember at a young age, I got mad all the time at how little dexterity I had to hold the pencils or brushes correctly, or found I had so much trouble staying inside the lines or produce an esthetically pleasing result etc.


Still, creating is big part of who I am, and works of arts has always subjugated me. At the same age however, it enraged me not to be able to produce images in the likes and quality of those I admired so much, I haven’t always been patient so I would say it is a quality that art brought to me, but in the back of my mind I had faith that practicing would usher away all that I thought were obstacles at the time. For a long time I drew on instinct and inherent need to, but also because it was one of the few activities to calm me down and focus when I was hyperactive. Overall, it thought me a lot about myself and remains to this day an inherent part of who I am as an individual and how I grow as such.


I started painting Acrylics on wood and canvases back in 1995 at the age of 14, and it was an awakening of whom I am in broad lines, and what I had to pursue in my life. I’ve played with many more medias and supports since, but I mostly now work using Watercolors, Inks, Pencils of all types and Acrylics, very often mixing them all, and my supports are usually watercolor/ illustration papers and boards.


I get asked what is your style like any artist, but I do find it difficult to explain, like any other artist; so I would qualify it to the best of my abilities as “Outsider art” in that I have pursued this in a self-taught manner since the beginning, it has been therapy, and I’ve tried always working outside of official culture, norms, trends etc. with little contact with the mainstream local art world. I wanted to create my own little thing and explore on my own, I felt the need to what can I say, but I long thought few were my chances at pursuing this as a career and knew that even if I did: it would be a hard road to travel. Still, you are what you are, and inevitably I made my choices what I feel are the right ones.

You may not be interested by my art or products, in the market right now for anything I am offering , or not in the particular group of collectors for my art etc. but may want to help me along and encourage me with a donation and in that case I have set the proper PayPal link to accept donations.

It goes without saying, but I will anyway, that your donations are extremely appreciated and will be put towards a maximum use in my projects and life, down to every penny: your help represent a lot more than you may think initially when you’re making your transfer from your PayPal account, but it is help I get nowhere else, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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