Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer

art 19** to 2007

**Click on images to get a larger version**



#1 “Proudmate” 2007, ink and watercolors

#2 “Raven” 2007, inks, pencils & crayons, watercolors: a simple drawing on sketch paper that got farther than originally planned

#3 “Japanese art inspired Koi” 2007, inks, watercolors on recycled skateboard


#1 “Tiger roaring” 2005, black ink

#2 “Japanese art inspired Koi” 2006, black ink


“Leaving New York”, 2006, watercolors

J4288x2848-00121 copy

2007, painting commissioned, Acrylics and watercolors with carved plaster and modeling paste on canvas. approx 48″ x48″


Falcon essay, between 2001-2004, prismacolor pencils and black ink. Because I have to say I created a lot with prismacolor pencils in my life and they were a great tool in learning colors, drawing, blending, expanding your creating self in an accessible way…




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