Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer

Special projects

**Click on images to get a larger version**


2013-2014 Latest odd project, is a personal one and consists of a garden ornament of a Mushroom growth that someone left at my old apartment, it was slightly damaged on top, but nothing a little plaster resin couldn’t fix, but it was perfect otherwise as the paint was almost but gone. After a thorough wash, I applied proper repairs and primed all white, then painted predominantly with Acrylics, but also use a fair amount of  Watercolors as well as Inks. Finished with spay and painted satin varnish. Of course, as with the Zombie head a little below, I forgot to take a before picture, bravo on me, yes… I wonder what illicit or faded down item will cross my path next and beckon me to give ita ne w life…



2013 to now, The following montages show a series of small 5×7 inches watercolor paintings I develop in 2012: inexpensive mementos for tourists and visitors to bring back home and remember the city of Montreal where I reside and the province of Quebec in general, by way of subjects depicting emblems, historic sites and anything else that make this province so great. The project was meant as a way of producing artworks that can be made in series maximizing my gain on the lot sold – and sold fast to generate constant cash flow for a base of operations -; all the while retaining an artistic uniqueness and value in each of them. I created masters that are derived in similar, but changing and evolving copies and come in a simple black frame.


birchforest botanicalgarden_pagoda canadiangeese monarqbutterfly mooseinwater mountroyal_n_statue pineforest snowhowl stjoseph_oratory whitelily

Zombie head created in 2012 on a plaster head cast I found the same year on a church door near my house while on a walk. It had been discarded by the casting artist probably for the imperfections that rendered it less interesting for him/her, but made it specially interesting for me as I could leave “as is” without carving work and instead made it propitious for me to let the said imperfections lead my creation process and emerge as a set of very gory details. I made the base from dollar store kitchen metal-ware. I have made a post describing it further right there:


Artisan project

2012 to now, 26 Info artistic conceptions from 2012 (not all shown in montage here), produced in 3 sizes: 16 x 20 “, 12 x 16 ” & 8 x 10 “. Originally conceived to be printed, mounted on canvas, with added hand detailing with Acrylic paint and triple coat varnish.


boatsinharbour diver_n_dolphin hello_Deer honeybee Iris_vertical kids_n_kite koïpond lantern_vertical Mount_royal_statue ontheslopes rainettes rustycar_indesert sitting_by_tree statue_face steamboat vendanges_horizontal4 whale

“Baby dragon”, between 2004-2006, commissioned by a mother that wanted a custom design piece for her dragon loving child. Acrylics on canvas that I had cut and sowed by professionals to act as medieval flag and be suspended on the wall. approx: 6’x2.5′



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