Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer


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At 33 years old, I’ve been a multidisciplinary visual artist for over 18 years and a Graphic designer since 2010, as well as Tattooist since 2008 or so. As an artist and very creative individual, I have worked and experienced many medias over time in my paintings, illustrations and other artistic endeavors; the same can be said for my Design career, in which I have focused on developing myself as a generalist as much as possible, able to work on many platforms and types of projects from Web to Print, but generally:

– I work with Adobe Creative suite CS to CS5
– I design web with Dreamweaver, but have some working understanding of code and regularly work with that side of the program
– I use flash for animations, websites and website modules (when it is appropriate or requested)
– Have great knowledge of the Microsoft Office suites

My clientele likes the originality of my work and tend to want more artistic results that do not compromise the message and intent; they notice the thinking that went into all aspects of the said work, as well as the way it was conceived technically; they are grateful for the way I coordinate and deliver everything in a professional and organized way, never missing a deadline.



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