Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer


**Click on images to get a larger version**


Signature for an online alternative personnel management portal, featuring articles, tips and tricks etc.

“The Wilderness” was something they asked to have in the signature.



Logotype/Signature for a community oriented garden and community cooking non-profit group.

The garden had to be represented, as well the community’s cooperation qualities .


Logotype for a young and alternative design group and printing co.

The main want were that the pixels be used in the design.



Logotype/Signature for a fine Bakery & coffee shop

I fashioned a Marquis and incorporated it in a digital sugar sculpture that mounts the signature, “Le Marquis”.


Logotype for a Montreal Art festival “Montreal Artistic”

A visual arts festival, the only condition was that only one color be used and black.


Signature for a nightlife private party group

The wordplay combines the words Night and Attitude of course.


Signature for an online technologically oriented e-magazine “le Lecteur Optique” or the Optical Reader.

The mandate also called for a Flash animation to relaunch the magazine.


Logotype  for an online hip-hop, rap related portal focused mainly on models of the culture.

It was important that it be stylized after the current logotype, but more of a stylization than previous one.




Logotype/signature for a traveling humor-clownesque entertainment group for seniors.

The main wants, were that vivid colors, very easy to read typography be used in light of the particular clientele.



Logotype for men and women spa and beauty center

The client wanted “Bling” black and pink, but moreover she wanted an emblem type of logo.



Logotype for a life coach professional

The main ask was that the principals of evolution and spirituality be illustrated. Below is the slogan of the life coach, that needed to be part of the Logotype


Logotype/Signature for a life coach professional

The Yew, the colors and the 3 words were the insisted guidelines.




Logotype/signature for an insurance co.

The main feature was their ties to the local waterways and bridge viewed as an important landmark.


Logotype/signature for an emergent alternative rock band

A basic silver 9 ring shape was brought and client insisted on keeping the basic shapes of the design.




My Logo, previous version and updated one after that, as well as logotype/signature derived from logo for tattoo co.

You can see my3 initials, “J” “M” “D”, modeled after my eye, defining feature of my face and one of my favorite; they also are considered the openings to the soul, it is as well one of the senses so important to my activities isn’t it, I could go on, but point is I am rather satisfied with it as it represents me and serves it’s purpose rather well.

earlyjmdlogo jmd jmdtattoo


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