Montreal, Quebec, Canada, based – visual artist and designer


**Click on images to get a larger version**

Large format print project, 10 by 2.5 feet, for a Moroccan restaurant menu; mock-up shown below, in which project we also had a photo session which each dish, positioning ourselves such as to be perfectly on top and have a menu with dishes placed in the plates such as if it was a banquet with all available dishes. The price shown in black below are not in the end result, as the owner wanted to change prices, without having to reprint understandably.

The project was to be applied to a common restaurant light box type thing after special printing on white frosted plastic panels, and there was to be a second print on vinyl for the shop’s exterior.


Large format project (14 x 5 feet), subdivided into 4 printed panels corresponding each to a little less than the window size of the building. Mock-up below shows all the panels assembled together.



Magazine AD, half spread, for a 3D Iphone app. The Iphone featured was made entirely in Adobe Illustrator, final montage in Photoshop.


Black and white, Airline week-end flights publicity for the papers and magazines.

2 versions made, for French and English customers.



Black & White Ad for a military publication « Servir » or serve, promoting coaching and therapeutic services tailored for military personal and their family. 2 different formats were produced to accommodate cost when needed.


A 16 pages brochure that I created to promote and sell an Info-artistic merchandise project (second image) for a line of artistic textures, physical and digital, featuring black or white vector stylization, printed and hand finished with acrylic and finished with resin.



Poster AD for a special perfume project for a young professional oriented flavored alcohol beverage company. Dissidence was the name of the perfume and the main concepts to be represented, in short, were the dissidents (targeted clientele) in a situation where they have their back to the wall, hunted:cornered by police/anti-riot personnel, their perfume: their weapon.

The second image is a montage of 3 pictures that were snapped during the shoot with the 2 models, 2 photographs and the staff team; onsite in an abandoned factory  on the south shore region of the greater Montreal area, that was to be demolished weeks after our shoot. A full day, with lots of things and people to manage !



Business card for a professional life coach. front and back, CMYK, 2 by 3 inches, with laminated on both sides.


Some of the merchandise I developed with my original art and some digital designs for online sale.

clock Picture 2 Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 5  teeshirts


College agenda tab insert publicity for a private tutoring company, an additional tab-less version was later requested for web promotion.


Business card for a professional life coach. front and back, CMYK, 2 by 3 inches, with laminated on both sides.


Mock-up of a spread about the downsides of modern living and the profound changes in today’s young professionals lives.




3 mock-ups, for 3 spreads on which was to be derived the entire furniture and living catalog.



A complete downtown hotel re-branding and promotional products/accessories line. Following are a few pages from the 30 pages presentation document.

From dinner ware, to guest accessories and gifts, to car wrapping and interactive light displays on the hotel’s outside at night, which outside is also remastered with some special building wraps and many other and customized projects went into the inside and out, but to keep it short…






Basic paper front and back color trifold flyer, to inspire people to focus on the impact of day to day acts to better the environment and invitation to donate. One mock-up shown of the 2 flyers developed.


Set of tags (back over pocket tag and smaller hang tag) and leg sticker, for a handmade trendy Jeans line.



Poster for contemporary theater play inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel the Trial or ” Der Process” and the two week-end paper ads below.







Mock-up of a magazine spread, featuring an article on the benefits of milk and the alternative ways to mix it into your diet or replace a sugary drink intake.



Opera program of about 50 pages, shown here are the spreads that began each section and on which you can notice the visual element/concept used throughout the program, the doted lines, which are a visual representation and then stylization of the basic tempo gestures made by the conductor during a concert.





Poster design submission for contest to encourage people of all walks of life to unite in every day life and daily actions to act together for the greater good.



Poster, DVD case and publication cover, as well as promotional page marker for a government agency language awareness package.




Workshop flyer, color, one side, for laser printer. The two clients had joined their efforts in a series of workshops and wanted a basic 8 by 11 inches flyer page they could print themselves and go post whenever, but that they still could submit to a printer later on. The design had to combine their two respective visual identities.



Public area commercial wall AD (restroom billboards, public transport etc.), for a pharmaceutical products shop.


Workshop flyer, color, one side, for laser printer. The same two clients had joined their efforts again in a series of workshops, but spiritually inclined this time and wanted yet again a basic 8 by 11 inches flyer page they could print themselves and go post whenever, but that they still could submit to a printer later on. They absolutely wanted the sitting meditating person and shakras.


Letter head and business card for an high-end private tattoo parlor. Letter head front and back seen here and business card made of clear plastic with color one one side and a darkened version on the back to house client’s information & address in white lettering, the novel fabrication of the business card permitted anyone to appose the card on their skin, and thus wear the parlor’s bird and anchor, even for a brief moment; still for a light humorous concept,  it had a huge effect.

The bird and anchor is the designed logotype I created for them, that I then enlarged and filled in using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop after the traditional occidental tattoo style.



3 mock-ups for a travel agency brochure, the 3 to be used as models to derive the other pages and sections, using these models.




Client fidelity libretto for several different hair and/or spa and beauty salons, that offered different forfeits, rebates and free merchandise and/or treatments when scheduled/requested within the written guidelines. Each had to be Designed/tailored specifically for each business of course; but a detachable coupon with incremented auto-generated number printed on it and the booklet, was to be generated on each libretto to keep track, as well as a fold and complex dense information ratio which had to be worked-in.






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